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Chic yet Timeless

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Less house more home

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Carved from history and drenched in heritage

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Skin Care

Who needs makeup, when you can glow naturally

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q. What is Nazrana?

A. Nazrana is a brand that believes in providing luxurious collection to the people who love exclusivity.

Q. Where is Nazrana based?

A. Nazrana is situated in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, Dewas.

Q. Are agate fragile?

A. While our products are household proof, we’re afraid it isn’t gravity proof.

Q. Can we use it in Dishwasher?

A. All our products are nature-made and hand-made and therefore they like to get cleaned in a similar way. We do not recommend dishwasher for them.

Q. Do you take things back ?

A. We do, please check our return policy.

Q. Do you customise for wedding or any special occasion ?

A. Yes, we do. Please email us at

Q. Why are the power of gemstones?

A. Agate : It is among the most beautiful gemstones that are gentle, nourishing, and strengthening. It is a good luck stone that also heals emotional disharmony.

Amethyst : This gemstone is the most valuable and is a powerhouse stone with many benefits. It soothes and stimulates the mind and emotions. It protects from negative energy and purifies the aura directly.

Rose Quartz : The stone has a rosy or dusky pink appearance and excellent luster which makes it ideal as a decorative stone. Rose Quartz is a classic symbol of love and beauty. The stone with its soothing effect opens your heart to love, forgiveness, and friendship.




Nazrana connects the upbringing of Srishti & Ashwini with their love for Indian culture and Arts.

Growing up in a big family everyday seems to be a celebration of small things, now, through Nazrana we want to be a part of your celebrations!

Weddings have been a business of impressing guests. We wanted to change that and want your guests to feel special for being part of your special day.

A trove for gifts that lend perspective to everyday celebration.

“The coasters exceeded my expectations.”

Pooja (Grey Peach Coasters)

“Received the Cheese Knives Set. Really like it!”

Karishma Kapur

“Got the coasters - thank you so much.”

Tanya (Grey Coasters)

“It is just beyond words! Customer service, the cost and the quality are all superb..Thanks a lot!”

Angel Raju (Customized white geode decorpiece)

“I love your collection.”

Ankita Panjawani

“Excellent collection and great customer service”

Dr. Parvati Mishra (Earth’s Platter)

“I love them, they are bigger than expected.”

Swatika (Amethyst Coasters)

“Exceeded my expectations,Very nice”

Simran (Grey Coasters)

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